Change things up and make your world colorful with Mermaid hair options

So what happens when you wake up one morning and life seems a little drab? Might be a sign it’s time to join the revolution—the haircolor revolution, of course.

If you’re dreaming of Mermaid hair and vibrant hues, there are two great options available, depending on your budget, time, and the condition of your hair.

You could have your hair colored in ocean-inspired silvers and blues or sunset pinks, purples and reds. If you choose this option, plan on feeling pampered and spending several hours in the salon. Bring that delicious novel you’ve been wanting to read and a caramel frappuccino.

Mermaid color will cost about $300 and may last up to three weeks, so this isn’t a permanent change by any means. Those alluring and eye-popping colors won’t stay true forever. Also, this option is best if you already have strong and healthy hair, as it will need to be lightened several shades first before it will hold such dreamy colors.

Another option for achieving that luscious Mermaid color trend is hair extensions. They can be colored the precise shades you want and placed in your hair in less than an hour. They will last about four weeks—and then you can have them taken out or we can replace them in your hair. The initial cost is about $150.

With this option, it’s easy to come in straight from work, then meet your friends afterward for a drink to show off your dazzling new ‘do!

So what are you waiting for? Call Lotus Salon & Spa today, at 719-576-5175, and ask for Hope, to get details and schedule a consultation.

And don’t forget Girls Night Out to showcase your flowing Mermaid tresses.

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